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Your event's waste should look like this:

Your event's waste should look like this:

Your event's waste should look like this:



Your event's waste should look like this:

Your event's waste should look like this:


Keep Your Events TIDY!


Tony’s Intimidates Dirty Yards

No one wants to think about garbage at their party...

. . . except Tony’s. The logistics involved in coordinating your waste streams can be mind-boggling. Where should you put your collection sites? How many different collection receptacles will you need?  What do you do with the waste at the collection sites? How often should your event be patrolled?

It is best not to rely on volunteers at large events. A dedicated staff avoids the inevitable mix-ups concerning which guest-helper is responsible for waste collection and removal and frees them for less labor-intensive tasks. 


Keep Your Events TIDY!

Services We Provide

  • Pre-event planning and waste management assessment.
  • Pre- and post-cleaning of venue.
  • Clean, clearly labeled lined cans for separation of glass, paper, plastic & metals and trash.
  • Professional uniformed cleaning attendants to continuously monitor and remove waste and re-line cans as needed throughout your event.
  • Continuous litter control.
  • Swift attention to hot spots.
  • Specific consideration of food areas and bars so bartenders and waiters can focus on hospitality.
  • Full on-site management.
  • Post event trash and recycling hauling.
  • Roll-off containers which can be painted to blend with your theme at no extra charge.

We Serve

  • Concerts
  • Multi-Stage Music Festivals
  • Neighborhood Gatherings
  • Municipal Festivals
  • Fairs & Fairground Events
  • Carnivals
  • Picnics and Yard Parties for up to 3000+ attendees

Benefits of Partnering with Tony’s

Market your event as Green and Environmentally conscious.

Insure you are adhering to any state & local refuse regulations.

Allow volunteers and staff to concentrate on their primary event duties.

Focus On What You Do Best and So Will We!

 By working closely with production staff early in the planning process, we can advise as to better product procurement practices, determine the waste management needs of your event and provide efficient and clean service tailored to your happening. We will meet with you, assess your needs and provide a plan that allows you to concentrate on your event’s entertainment demands.


Barbara and Tommy were amazing partners in helping us design and execute a sustainable event with as little impact in the environment as possible! 

-Raf K.

2020 Events

Call now to make an appointment with Barbara, our Recycling Coordinator and Special Projects Manager, to discuss how we can make your event Clean AND Green.

If you’re planning, we should be too! Keep it TIDY with Tony!

Book before 2020 and Tony’s will make a donation to your 501(c)(3) after your event.

Contact Us

Tony’s Barge Service, Inc.

61 River Road

Sayville, NY 11782 

TIDY: Contact Barbara: 631-664-7116